Other Programmes and Campaigns

Other Programmes and Campaigns

Child Rights Awareness Campaign:

This program focused on media outreach to children, parents, caregivers, schools, institutions, and government on the rights of children, the need to uphold them and seek help alternatives for abused children. 2016


Say “No” Campaign: Campaign on Say No to social vices of Drugs Abuse, Prostitution, Armed Robbery etc. Giving moral education to children and youth. 2017

Wanted Child Campaign: CRY campaign against abortion. Brothels and female hostels were targets of campaigns and sex education and the use of preventive methods of conception, disease prevention and control. 2016/2018

Independent Woman (Independence Day): Educating and training over 500 young mothers, widows, ladies and girls from 7 LGAs of the Sothern Senatorial District of Cross River State on self-preservation, investment opportunities, and positive actions for self-growth, independence, and good motherhood during Independence Day. 2018


Intervention: We partnered with the Nigeria Police, and sponsored and rescued two teenage under-aged girls that were deceived by a 28-year-old man to leave their parent’s home and live with him. He had turned them into his sex slaves, lock them up when he leaves his holding point, an uninhabited building in Calabar only to return. He was arrested and we assisted in charging the case to court. He had since been remanded in Prison Custody.

We have given orientation and support to the girls and constantly monitor their progress. One of them is now at the University.

Save the Child Campaign 2016

Save the Child Campaign 2017

Monthly Feeding and Clothing of Homeless Children 2017

Valentines Day (Show of Love Outreach) 2017


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